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Little Poland haul

Even though I was traveling with only a carry-on suitcase, I had some space (and kg’s) left to shop. Not that I had planned to shop, but when you’re in the city it’s really easy to jump into a shop. That’s what I did and I bought some great things I want to share with you. Continue Reading


New in: Neon Vans

There are two brands for shoes I love the most; All Stars and Vans. The shoes are so comfortable and I think they look really cool with every outfit (of course depends on the color). I wear them since age 14 and still love them. I had already slip on shoes way before they were ‘trendy’, so I think you can say I’m a diehard All Stars and Vans fan. So I wear them all the time (most in spring/summer, otherwise they are a bit cold) and also while traveling. They’re perfect for traveling, because they are so comfortable and easy to style. Continue Reading