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Favorite Beauty Products Of 2015

As you may or may not know, I’m a ‘beauty lover’. I love to try as many different products as possible, especially when it comes to makeup. I love to play with different colors and textures, even though I only do that a few times a week. Because I already have a lot of makeup and beauty products, I didn’t want to buy much more in 2015. Of course I bought some new items I could not resist and we all have our beauty staples we need to repurchase. Some of those favorites I already mentioned in ‘Everyday Makeup Staples‘, but some of these are new. These products are definitely my most favorite beauty products of 2015 and if you are searching for new favorites, you definitely need to check them out! Continue Reading


Everyday makeup staples

In the past I was a bit of a makeup hoarder. Okay, not a bit and not even in the past. I just love makeup products! Especially lipsticks and eyeshadow, because those does have the most beautiful colors. Even though I don’t use eyeshadows everyday, I prefer to have a lot of different options for the days I want to wear it. Lipstick is a product I do use every single day and it’s one of my favorite products to finish my look with. For my everyday makeup look I use most of the times the same products, but with a different lip color everyday. Do you want to know what I use on a daily basis? Most of the products are really affordable! Continue Reading

Beauty Fashion

Little Poland haul

Even though I was traveling with only a carry-on suitcase, I had some space (and kg’s) left to shop. Not that I had planned to shop, but when you’re in the city it’s really easy to jump into a shop. That’s what I did and I bought some great things I want to share with you. Continue Reading

Beauty Inspiration

Travel tattoo inspiration

I don’t have a tattoo, but one day maybe I will. I don’t like every kind of tattoo, but some I think are really beautiful. I like it small, black and meaningful. A travel tattoo is a tattoo with a meaning and you can create them in your own style. I will show you some travel tattoo’s I really like. Continue Reading

Beauty Travel

What’s in my travel makeup bag?

I love to experiment with make-up, but when I’m traveling I don’t want to bring my whole make-up collection with me. That’s why I have a few basics for my makeup bag when I’m traveling. This post is about what’s in my travel makeup bag when I’m traveling with a suitcase. When I’m traveling with my backpack, I want to keep it even more basic than what I show you now. I will show you those basics in the future, but first my make-upbag when I have enough space to take a bit more with me. Continue Reading


Make Up Store Microshadow – Muffin

I start this article by saying this eyeshadow is one of my favorites eyeshadows I’ve used in years. Normally I don’t buy single eyeshadows, but when I swatched this one I was in heaven. I use this eyeshadow multiple times a week and not only as an eyeshadow. I also use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones. I already hit pan by this beauty, so that’s why I wanted to write about this eyeshadow. It’s also really handy to take this one with you when you’re traveling, because it’s multifunctional and also really small. Continue Reading