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10 Things You Need To Do & See in Ubud

For my study I had to do volunteer work somewhere on this planet and I really wanted to teach in a kindergarten in Bali. I searched for a project and I got in touch with Greenlion, which is located in Ubud. I never heard of this place before, but after doing some research I found out it should be an amazing ‘city’. After living in Ubud for one month, I can confirm the that it’s an amazing place. When you’re in Bali, you definitely need to visit Ubud. They say it’s the spiritual capital of Bali and even though there are a lot of tourist, it’s not a crowded place. Continue Reading

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My South-East Asia bucket list

I have something with Asia. Some people have it with South-America, some with Africa, I have it with Asia. To be a bit more specific; South-East Asia. If I had the money and time (oh, no excuses!), I definitely bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok to travel further through South-East Asia. Sadly both are a bit rare for me nowadays, so for now it’s still a dream. But I’m trying to make it happen as soon as possible! So which Asian countries can you find on my bucket list? Continue Reading

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10 Reasons To Love Bali

Last summer I’ve been to Bali for four weeks. I did some volunteer work at a kinder garden near Ubud, but I also saw a lot of the Island. In those four weeks I really got to know the Island. Last week I said I fell in love with Australia and that’s totally true. But I have my heart in different places around the world and Bali is one of the places. Before I went to Bali I didn’t believe what they said about Bali was true, but it was truly amazing. That’s why I wrote down 10 reasons to love Bali. (And you will love Bali!) Continue Reading