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10 Things We Need To Stop Doing To Live A Happier Life

Most of us love to make lists, filled with many goals for what we want to achieve in our life. Some of us make new years resolutions, but a lot of us are making goals all year round. We all make goals to come closer to a more happier and healthier life. Only sometimes it isn’t a matter of start doing something, but a matter to stop doing something you always did. If you stop doing those 10 things, you certainly start living a more positive and happier life. So what are you waiting for?

1. Stop living someone else’s life
Everybody’s life is strongly influenced by unwritten rules, which are made by the society around us. A lot of people are living the life the society wants us to live. There are a lot of expectations from family, friends, but also from the media. Break those expectations and live the life you want to live. Nobody, except you, can decide what you’re doing with your life. Do what makes you happy and not what makes your best friend happy. It’s your life and you have to do what’s best for you.

2. Let the toxic habits and the toxic people go
Some habits, but also people can be toxic for our happiness. We all know some habits are not good for us and that’s something you can change. It may take some time, but that’s alright, as long as it makes you happier. This the same for the ‘toxic’ people around us. Some people are really negative or just changed in a negative way, which can affect your own happiness. Sometimes it’s just a matter of moving on and letting go. How difficult it may sound and can be.

3. Stop worrying about the past
‘I wish I had done that..’ is something you may recognize as a common thought. You can worry about your past, but if you do, you’re wasting the present (something you can worry about later). Stop worrying about the things you did or did not do in the past, and start living in the present. Don’t compare your past with the present and don’t be afraid for the future, just enjoy your life now.


4. Stop labeling
Stop labeling yourself, but also stop labeling others. When you stop labeling, you start to be more open for new people or new experiences in your life. What’s the point anyway of labeling? It only gives you a way of comparing yourself with others, which isn’t something you gain anything from. Most likely you’ll lose something from it, namely self-confidence.

5. Stop resisting change
Don’t be afraid for change. Not all changes are successful, but we’ll learn from the failures too. Without change there is no growth and life would be pretty boring.

6. Stop negative thinking and stop complaining
A negative mindset affects your life in a negative way. It makes you want to complain more about your life, which has again effect on your negative thinking. It’s like a vicious circle you have to break. It makes your life, but also your surrounding much more positive.

7. Stop exaggerating to impress somebody else
In real life, but also on social media. You don’t have anything to prove to the world around you. Don’t use makeup to impress a guy, but wear it because you love it. Don’t post Instagram photo’s for the likes, but post them because you like to use Instagram. There’s no pressure to do this, the pressure is in our head.


8. Stop blaming others for your own actions
Start taking responsibility for your own actions is the first step of accepting yourself. Accepting your actions are your own decisions and accepting you make mistakes. We are human and that’s totally normal. Blaming it on others will never make you stronger.

9. Don’t limit yourself
You can do everything, as long as you believe it. The mind is the only limit to your goal, nobody can stop you but yourself.

10. Stop being a control freak
To make changes and to be fearless, you have to stop controlling everything in your life. You can’t control everything, even if you try the hardest. It’ll be even more difficult for you when something happen you have no control of. So just let life happen and let things go.

Everything has to do with a positive mindset and positive thinking. Start believing in yourself and stop worrying about what the world wants you to do. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have also problems with giving up some of those points. I know it’s better for my own happiness, but I still feel anxious about what people think of me and sometimes I have quite a negative mindset. The thing you need to know is you can’t change in one day and you have to work for it. It’s definitely not selfish to think about yourself, because in fact everybody is doing that, only in different ways. You have to work for your own happiness and if you’re happy, you’ll spread this message to your surroundings.

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  • Avatar
    November 6, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    Great list! I particularly like your first point; society puts way too many expectations on us to go down a ‘certain’ path..

    • Marissa
      November 6, 2015 at 9:19 pm

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, that’s sadly true and we have to be careful to not follow that path, but walk our own.

  • Avatar
    November 7, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Amazing girl! great list! lots of love

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