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Listening to – Q-music (radio). I still listen a lot to my favorite band (Epica), but lately I’m also listening to newer music at the radio. Q-music is one of the biggest radio stations of the Netherlands with the newest hits. I love to listen to it while I’m driving the car or when I’m doing school work.

Watching – The Blacklist! I loved the last two seasons and the third season just started and it’s already so thrilling. I really love this serie, because it has such a good storyline and I really recommend you to watch it.

Craving – nothing specific, but I’m currently doing the vegan challenge. So everything I eat this month is vegan. Why am I doing this challenge? First of all I think eating the vegan way is great for your health, so this is my main reason to do it. Hopefully I lose some weight, but that’s not my main goal this month. I just want to experience how I feel after one month eating vegan and if I feel more fit throughout the day. Lately I’m really interested in the environmental problems in the world and eating animal products is a big contributor to those problems. 18% of the emissions comes from livestock farming, which is more than all the transport emissions (13%). So this is a really big actor in the global environmental problems. I also love animals, so enough reasons to do the vegan challenge this month and maybe to make the change completely.

Liking – baking. Because I’m doing the vegan challenge, I have to watch what I’m eating. There are a lot of products I can’t eat now (still enough!), so I’m currently in my baking mood. I love to make my healthy vegan chocolate chip cookies, but also other baked goods. A thing which I love about making my own food, is that you exactly know what’s in your food. With a lot of processed food you don’t know about that or they added a lot of sugar or salt, which isn’t good for you.

Loving – I love to blog. I had some difficulties in my head that I had to choose a niche, but what ever. It’s my blog and I blog about everything I love to blog about. My niche is a personal blog with a lot of travel related posts, but also beauty and food related posts so now and then.

Looking forward to – autumn holidays. Currently I’m so busy and I really want some down time. I still have a lot to do in the vacation, but I want to go somewhere for just a couple of days. So maybe I’m going with my sister to Antwerp or Gent for a couple of days. It’s already in two weeks, so we have to decide it soon.

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