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5x anti-bucket list

A lot of people have a bucket list and so do I, but there are also thing I really don’t want to do in my life. Things I’m scared of, things I stand for or just things I don’t want to do. So here is my anti-bucket list!

1. Cage diving with sharks. No, thank you. I’m not afraid to get bitten by a shark when I swim in the open sea, but this is searching for trouble. And second, most of the times cage diving is in a sort of a swimming pool. A pool way to small for those animals to live in properly. I can tell you a lot about the conditions most of the sharks (and other animals in captivity) live in, but just no. I’m not going to do this, not only because I’m scared, but also for the ethical reasons behind it.


2. Elephant rides. Same with this point. I’m not afraid for elephants, but in a lot of places the animals live in poor conditions. They have to perform, otherwise they don’t get their food or get punished in another way. It’s just so sad and most people don’t realise this. I think we have to be aware of this and stop supporting this kind of industry.

3. Traveling to a war zone (for tourism). I don’t want to experience something like this, just because it’s terrifying. I don’t think it’s safe to travel a place in war and why taking that risk? I love adventures, but I don’t have a dead wish. There’s a difference.


4. Bungee jumping in a country where they don’t speak Dutch/English fluently. I really want to bungee jump once in my life, but only under the conditions I totally understand what I have to do. A Dutch girl died this summer, because she didn’t understand what the guide said in his (probably) poor English. So I will be extra careful with this.

5. Eating insects. I really don’t like insects and just the thought about eating those makes me sick. I do think it can be a solution for the growing meat industry, which isn’t a good thing for the environment. But I’ll skip meat more often to help the planet a bit, instead of eating insects.

What is something you really don’t want to do in life? And why is that?

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    August 9, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    I would never put these things on my bucket list either, (except for the elephant one, as i had a walk with one when I was abt 12 or so..) as they all seem so ridiculous. I didn’t even know about the dutch girl dying! You just made me aware of that, and how dangerous it is. Kissesx

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