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In the past I was a bit of a makeup hoarder. Okay, not a bit and not even in the past. I just love makeup products! Especially lipsticks and eyeshadow, because those does have the most beautiful colors. Even though I don’t use eyeshadows everyday, I prefer to have a lot of different options for the days I want to wear it. Lipstick is a product I do use every single day and it’s one of my favorite products to finish my look with. For my everyday makeup look I use most of the times the same products, but with a different lip color everyday. Do you want to know what I use on a daily basis? Most of the products are really affordable!


Already for two years I use the same foundation. This is the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in the lightest shade (010 light beige). It’s a really nice foundation which match my skin color perfectly. It has also a great texture and has a lot of coverage. I doesn’t look cakey at all, even though the finish is quite matt. If you don’t like the foundation with a dewy and shiny finish, this a great foundation you have to try. – €6,59

To set my foundation I use a translucent powder also from Catrice. The Nude Illusion powder is a translucent powder which doesn’t give a white haze. It has a mirror in it, which is really convenient for on the road. It sets my foundation well and I don’t think there is anything negative to say about this powder. It’s just a powder.. – €5,59

Last year I went to Scotland and I did some shopping over there. The Collection concealer is a really popular concealer for its coverage. So I bought this concealer, because everybody was raving about it on YouTube and on a lot of different blogs. And I have to say it’s a really nice concealer which gives great coverage. I have it in two different shades (01 and 02), but most of the times I use 02. This is my skin color which is great for the under eye area and my spots. Sometimes when I want to highlight different areas of my face, I use 01. – Around €5,-

To warm up my face I use blush. Sometimes I have another one, but this one is my favorite. When you look at the picture the blush looks like new, but that’s because it’s my back up. The other one hit pan so badly and for the picture I grabbed my new one. This blush from P2 (German brand) is a hard dusty pink. You have to be careful while applying it, because it’s really pigmented, but it’s the most natural pink for you cheeks you can wish for. – €2,75


A couple of years ago I thought it was kind of weird to fill in my eyebrows, because I already had ‘a lot of’ eyebrow. Nowadays I can’t leave the house without my eyebrow routine. I use an eyeshadow from Essence in the color ’05 My Favourite Tauping’ as an eyebrow powder, which is the perfect color for my ash blond eyebrows. It’s not the best product to use for your eyebrows, because after a few hours it moved already a bit. So I’m still searching for the perfect eyebrow product, what fits in my budget. – €2,59

To set my eyebrow powder and to give it a natural touch, I use the Essence ‘Make Me Brow’ brow mascara in the color ’01 Blondy Brows’. When I use this product the eyebrow powder stays on longer and my brows doesn’t look too defined, which give it a more natural touch. So those two products are a great combination in my daily routine. – €2,59

On a daily basis I use only mascara for my eyes, but when I have more time I use also other products. Mascara is a real essential for me, because it give my face more the feelings that it’s alive. For already a couple of year I use the same mascara from Essence, because it’s a really good one. The Essence ‘I Love Crazy Volume’ mascara gives really a lot of volume and blackness. It gives also a bit of a false lashes effect in just a few seconds. – €2,89

Almost everyday I use different kind of lipstick. I have no specific lipstick I use on a daily basis, but I love to switch between my lipsticks. At the moment I love plum colors, but pinks ands nudes are also a favorite. So it really depends on my outfit and how I feel, which lipstick I will wear that day. One of my favorites is MAC ‘Plumful’, which is a lovely plum color with a lot of shine. The other lipstick on the picture is a pinky nude one from P2 in the color ‘012 Kärntnerstrasse’. It’s a perfect everyday color when I don’t want a bright color on my lips. – €19,50 (MAC) & €2,25 (P2)

What are your daily makeup essentials?

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