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My South-East Asia bucket list

I have something with Asia. Some people have it with South-America, some with Africa, I have it with Asia. To be a bit more specific; South-East Asia. If I had the money and time (oh, no excuses!), I definitely bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok to travel further through South-East Asia. Sadly both are a bit rare for me nowadays, so for now it’s still a dream. But I’m trying to make it happen as soon as possible! So which Asian countries can you find on my bucket list?


1. Thailand
On number one is definitely Thailand! I really want to go to Thailand, because it looks like a paradise on earth. I’m saving money to travel to Thailand next summer. At the moment I sadly have no job, so the savings are a bit hard to continue. But I try my hardest to go this country next year, because I think it’s a country you have to visit while you’re young (in your early 20’s). It has such a great culture and amazing nature and they’re really welcoming to travelers. So Thailand is definitely on top of my bucket list.

Kuala Lumpur City Centre (HDR). Malaysia, 2012.

2. Malaysia
I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for a stop-over, but I don’t count stop-overs as a visit to a country. So in my opinion I never been to Malaysia and I would love to. Malaysia has something magical, because they have a big booming city and then next to it they have the amazing nature. Everybody who visited Malaysia is always so positive about the country! Some people I know went to Malaysia and they posted some amazing photo’s on Facebook, so yeah.. Now it’s on my bucket list.


3. Vietnam
Vietnam is a country with a lot of history. For my history exam in high school I had the Vietnam war as subject and that’s why I started to become interested in this country. Of course the horrible past is not the reason I want to visit Vietnam, but it were the first things I knew about this country. Now I know a lot more and I’m just really curious for this country. Multiple persons around me went already to Vietnam and they made me more curious for its culture.


4. Philippines
Actually I don’t know a lot about the Philippines. I know there are a lot f Islands and I know I hate boats, because of my travel sickness. But I have heard some great stories about this country and that the people are really welcoming. Which makes it easier and more fun to explorer the culture. The Philippines also has a lot of amazing nature and that’s why you can’t skip this country if you love nature.


5. Singapore
Singapore is a bit different from the other countries, of course because of the fact it’s a city-state. So nature wise I don’t think there’s a lot to discover, but Singapore is a total different experience than the other parts of South-East Asia. I’m teaching my pupils about the economic growth of this country, which is now considered wealthy, and I just want to see it by myself.

I also want to visit Indonesia at least once again. I wanted to travel around Indonesia last year, but because of the Ramadan I went to Australia. Nothing wrong with that, but I really want to explorer more of this country, because I think it’s an amazing country. So to dream on I made this South-East Asia bucket list, but what’s on your bucket list?

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