Follow your heart, but what does your heart say? #1

I’m coming to a certain point in life where I have to decide what I want to do with my life. The only thing I know is the fact I’m not ready to settle completely. Doing a master study is something I always wanted, so that’s something I think I want to do next year. The problem is that I’m interested in many, many studies, so this makes it only harder to decide what I want. I have a lot of interests, like social geography, physical geography, political geography, environmental changes, health issues, multi-media.. I have sort of the same problem with my blog; I want to share so many things, that I don’t know what to blog about. But that’s something else, so moving on..

Something that I’m sure about is my love for traveling. So doing something international is quite a logical choice, but then the struggle begins. Do I want to do something with international land and water management or environmental studies? Do I want to do a master in tourism and leisure management or do I want to get my TEFL degree to teach internationally? Do I want to study in another country or stay in the Netherlands to be with my boyfriend? All those questions are in my head and to be honest, I have no answer to those questions.

This is the year I have to figure my feelings out, so that I’m able to answer those questions for myself. I think it will be hard to find out, but I have to do this. Some people throw those feelings away and just do everything a person is supposed to do. Like finish a study, getting a job, buy a house and start a family. I don’t want to live that life where everything is already set. Even though it may be easier.


I want to follow my heart, but first I have to know what my heart says. I have to ignore my mind for a while and try to listen to my inner self what I really love to do. There will be some changes in my life, but that’s the way how you can grow. I don’t have a step-by-stap plan, I don’t even have a guide line. I’m just going to try to understand myself by opening myself up for new things.

The first step I want to take is to open myself up for new information. So I already requested multiple brochures for master programs. I also decided to look for another bachelor. This is kind of a tricky one, because in the Netherlands you pay a lot more money for your second bachelor. So if I want to do another bachelor, it will costs me much more than the master program. However I decided to look for this bachelor, because the study mixes geography with media and design. That sounds amazing to me! So if it’s really something I want to do, I’m willing to pay that amount money.

With the first step I’m also going to brainstorm about the things I already love and trying to connect them to find my passion hopefully. It sounds quite cheesy, ‘my passion’, but that’s what it’s about. Life is about loving what you do and about growing. At the moment I’m not doing that and I’m going to make that change!

Eventually I will follow my heart!

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