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Even though I’m kinda busy lately, I’m wandering around the internet. If you don’t have time to travel for real, than you have to do it on the internet. I have a lot of favorite travel websites I use for my wandering moment. They’re really useful for travel tips and for booking hotels and flights, so that’s what I’m going to share with you today! Maybe this is a bit of a confession, but I always book my hostels/hotels on I wander around on other sites like Wimdu & AirBnB (see down below for more explanation), but I never booked a stay on those sites. is a site with a lot of choices in hostels and hotels. The prices vary from cheap to really expensive. Most of the times I book my hostel for the first night(s) and while traveling I book the other ones. It’s such an easy website to use and also with great deals. In this article you can read how to use for a budget trip.

Tripadvisor: This website is like the biggest travel guide ever. It’s the Lonely Planet on the internet with reviews on it from people who experienced the ‘trip’. On Tripadvisor I check the different travel tips and to do’s from the place I’m going to (or just what I said, wandering to go to). I also check the reviews for tours, because I want to see more than just the city. Because of the reviews, it’s easy to choose which tour I have to pick.

Spotted by locals: On this website you’ll find 61 city guides with insider tips by locals from that specific city. When you visit a city and you want to do something less touristic, this is an amazing website with tips to become the local while traveling.


Wimdu & AirBnB: Even though I always use to book an accommodation, I also wander around on Wimdu & AirBnB. I think I’ll use one of those websites soon, because of the different experience instead of a normal hostel/hotel.

Skyscanner & Paperflies: For every flight I use Skyscanner to look for the cheapest flights, but I use both sites are great for finding cheap flights. Skyscanner has a great ‘everywhere’ button and Paperflies has categories to find flights in. Both sites are great to use for finding the best tickets.

Travel blogs: I follow a lot of travel blogs on Bloglovin’. I love to read those blogs, because those blogs are having tips about places I want to go. Before I leave I also search on those blogs for tips what to do and maybe for places to eat.

What are your favorite travel websites to use for wandering?

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