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I saw this travel tag on some Dutch travelblogs and I really liked this tag. I decided to do this tag to and I translated it into English. The tag is about
15 travel dilemmas and you have to make choices what fits you the most. Some are a bit hard to choose, but it was really fun to do!

1. Summer vacation or winter vacation?
I love the summer, so this wasn’t a hard choice. I never been on a ‘real’ winter vacation, so maybe that’s also a thing. I don’t like the cold, so that’s the reasons why I love the summer.

2. Beach vacation or vacation in the outback?
I love to do both, but if I have to choose it would be a beach vacation. I love to walk on the beach and enjoying the beautiful sea. But I’m not a person who likes touristic beach places and I can’t lay on the beach for longer than a hour.

3. European food or Asian food?
I’ll say European food, because I know what I like and dislike. It’s also easier with my allergies and when I’m traveling it’s always a little struggle to find food I like and I can tolerate.

4. Vacation with friends or vacation with partner?
Of course my boyfriend. I travel with my boyfriend since I was 17 years old and we try to go on a vacation or a little trip at least once a year. For this year we don’t have anything planned yet, because we’re saving for Thailand next year!

5. Active vacation or lazy vacation?
For me it’s an active vacation and I want to see as much as you can, but my boyfriend prefer a lazy vacation. To relax all day long..

6. Asia or Afrika?
I fell in love with Asia when I was in Indonesia and I want to see so much more of Asia. Next year we want to go to Thailand, but maybe I’ll stay a bit longer to backpack around Malaysia or Laos or Vietnam. I don’t know yet, but Asia is definitely high on my wishlist.

7. Barcelona or Rome?
I never been to both of the cities, but Barcelona is a city I really want to visit!

8. Hotel or campsite?

If I have to choose it will be a hotel, just because it’s easier and there is a nice bed. But I think camping is also great to do!

9. Citytrip or nature vacation?
I like both, so this is a hard one. I love citytrips, but I love nature even more. Actually I don’t think I can choose, because I love to combine those two together and that makes a vacation a great one.

10. Worldtrip or multiple trips around the world?
Multiple, otherwise you travel only once. And I can’t see my boyfriend for a long time..

11. Never able to travel anymore or never able to see your friends anymore?
This is a nasty one. Of course I want to see my friends, but with traveling you also make friends.. I don’t know, it’s just a nasty question.

12. By car of by plane?
By plane, because it’s faster, you can watch series while traveling and my travel sickness is much worse in a car than in a plane.

13. Backpacking or cruise?
Backpacking! I never been on a cruise, but me and a boat don’t go together. When I was in Turkey, we went on a daytrip for diving. The boat was really small and with every wave from the boat went up and down. I got so sick that I had to quit this trip and had to take a taxi boat back to the harbour..

14. Planning your trip or just on the go?
I always do both. I make some plans about thing I really want to visit, book for the first day(s) a hostel and then it’s just on the go. I don’t like to have a schedule while traveling, so I don’t make big plans. But if I have to choose, I have to say planning my trip. Just because I want to know what I NEED to see and to be sure I have a place to sleep the first night.

15. Roadtrip or staying in one place?
Roadtrip! Last summer I stayed in Ubud (Bali) for four weeks. I really liked it, but after two weeks I knew exactly how to walk through the whole town. I like to walk around with a map (yes, a real map!) and accidentally walking the wrong way and find great places. I think you see much more when you do a roadtrip.

I think it would be really fun if you make the tag too! If you do so, leave a comment so I’ll visit your blog!

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