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How much does one week in Poland costs?

As a student you have to be careful with your money. I work already 6,5 years in a supermarket to earn some money to do great things instead of only paying my study. As you all know I love to travel, so the great thing I do with my self-earned money is traveling. People near me don’t understand how I can afford traveling that much as I’m doing. First of all it’s the will power to safe a lot of money, but second of all is searching all the time for the best travel deals. When I found a great deal and I’m able to travel that moment, I will take it. That’s also what I did with my trip to Poland. I found a great deal at the Ryanair website and I couldn’t resist it. In this post I’m going to tell you how much one week Poland costs. Of course you can make it as expensive as you want, but for me it’s a great challenge to get it as cheap as possible.

Return ticket: €37,-
I found this deal at Ryanair. I’ve spended weeks I was looking for deals for London, but it started to get more expensive day by day. So after a few weeks I started looking for Warsaw. I read an article about Warsaw and I was really impressed. When I wanted to book my ticket it was around €48,-, but then the site crashed. After that the ticket was €56,-! I was a bit mad and decided not to book, because I knew it could be cheaper than the €56,- it was now. So after a day I started looking again and yes I was right, it was only €37,-. So I booked it immediatly!

Transfer from the airport to Warsaw: 2x 17 zł. = €8,10
I think this was also really cheap. There were two option; by bus or by bus for 10 minutes and then by train for 40 minutes. By bus it was much more expensive I saw on the internet (starting at 25 zł.) and I prefer the train over the bus. So the decision was made quickly.


Hostels: €17,- + €55,- + €8,- = €80,-
I had 7 nights in Poland, 4 in Warsaw and 3 in Kraków. The first 3 nights I stayed in Nathan’s Villa hostel. I stayed in a mixed room, but all days I was the only woman (out of 12) with a smell of vodka in the room. It was cheap, but I decided to stay in a single room in Kraków to have some privacy. It was also a hostel (Freedom Hostel) with breakfast included. I really liked this hostel, even though it wasn’t that cheap as the other hostels. But sometimes you have to pay more get it a bit more comfortable. The last night I stayed again in a hostel (Mish Mash hostel), but I decided to stay in a room of four with only women. This hostel looks really new to me and I really liked the theme the hostel is in.

Return ticket train (Warsaw-Kraków): 2x 60 zł. = €28,70
Because I had a week in Poland I decided to go to two cities. Because Kraków is a well-known tourist city, I decided to go to this city. I’m so glad I did, because I really liked Warsaw, but I loved Kraków. It’s like a city out of a Disney film. It’s like a fairytale, so beautiful.

Communism tour (4 hours): 169 zł. = €40,-
For Polish terms this tour was quite expensive, but my love for history made me do it. I also really wanted to know more about the Polish communism, because I wanted to compare with Russia. I’ve been to Russia 2 years ago and there you still can see the communism in daily life, so that what I wanted to see in Poland too. Sidenote: For this price you also had a Polish lunch.


Auschwitz-Birkenau tour (5-6 hours): 105 zł. = €25,-
This is the site of one history’s most horrific crimes. It’s around one hour drive to Auschwitz from Kraków, so because of my interest in history I needed to go there. It’s not a fun place to go, but for me it’s like showing some kind of respect for the thousands, millions of people which lives unjustly taken within. “If we do not remember the past, we will be condemned to repeat it.”

Ticket Palace of Culture and Science: 14 zł. = €3,35
This was the best 14 zł. I had spent. I’m so amazed by the building, but entering it and go to the 30th floor was the most amazing thing for me. There was a great view from the whole city, even though it was really cloudy that day.

Food: approx. €100,-
Food is for me really important and I’m also really picky when it comes to food. So if you really want to watch your money, you can eat for much less than this. Almost every meal (except 3 days of breakfast) I ate out, so €100,- for 7 days is really good I think.


souvenirs and other small stuff: approx. €120,-
If you’ve read my ‘Little Poland haul‘ post, you know I bought also some souvenirs. This is not something you have to do on a trip, but if I see something I really like I will buy it. Just because everything I buy while I’m traveling, reminds me of the great times. So I saw a lovely sweater, something you don’t get in the Netherlands, so I bought it. I will wear this sweater for at least three years, so why not! ;)

Total price: €450,-

€450,- is what I spent in Poland. If you don’t do the souvenier part, it will cost you around €330,-. You still can do it a bit cheaper, but I fully enjoyed my stay in Poland. For me it’s really important to get it cheap, but the most important part for me is enjoy your stay, even though it will cost a bit more. You are there now, so make it the best stay ever. You never know if you come back to that place again, so do everything you want to do. Regret is the most awful feeling you can have. I think this amount of money is a great price for a full week in a different country.

Did you ever been to Poland?

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  • Avatar
    July 6, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    This is a great post! I 100% agree with you – regret IS the worst feeling to have – GO BIG OR GO HOME! (or better said – *stay home* :P) …. I loved this post (not just because I’m Polish :P) – Keep up the great writing :)

    • Marissa
      July 6, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Thank you for your reaction! Yes, I totally agree with your ‘Go big or stay home’, because why do you travel otherwise? Where do you live in Poland? I loved Poland and I definitely want to go back one day!

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