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6 free printable quotes to dress your desk

Quotes can be really inspiring for me. So I often search for quotes. The most inspiring and motivational quotes I saved on the computer or I have it in my notebook. You often see on Pinterest (or Instagram) pictures where people have quotes in a picture frame. Instead of a photo in the frame, they have a quote. For on the wall or for on your desk. Either way it’s a great way to decorate your house and with the right quote it’s also inspiring or motivational. On Pinterest I found some great free printable quotes I want to share with you. I hope you like it!


Enjoy the little thingsThe best is yet to comeDo what you love


Throw kindness around like confettiLoveNot all who wander are lost

As you can see, the style is really simple and minimalistic. It’s all about the quote, that’s that matters for me. But if you prefer something else, use Google! There are so many free printables on the internet, so there’s definitely something you like. Pinterest is also a great site to look on for those printables and there are many other sites like Pinterest. If you want something for special, you can also look on They have great printable quotes, but on this site most of the printables aren’t free.

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