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Little Poland haul

Even though I was traveling with only a carry-on suitcase, I had some space (and kg’s) left to shop. Not that I had planned to shop, but when you’re in the city it’s really easy to jump into a shop. That’s what I did and I bought some great things I want to share with you.


Because after days of walking through the cities, I was a bit tired and wanted to pamper myself a bit. I bought those eyepatches with a cooling effect. I really liked them, so I bought some for at home. I also bought a nightcream from the brand Ziaja. It’s a well known brand in Poland and I’ve heard some great things about this brand. I have the nightcream with acids in it, for exfoliating your skin on a chemical way. It’s really hard to find those kind of things in The Netherlands and especially for this price. It was only around €2,40! I also bought a Carmex lipbalm. Those are my favorite, but you can’t buy them in the drugstore in The Netherlands.


Something I always bring with me from a trip are magnets. A bit boring, but I started saving them since my first trip alone (Palermo, 6 years ago). So I have one of Warsaw and one of Kraków. One thing I promised myself to buy in Poland are the Inglot palettes. In The Netherlands Inglot is a high-end brand, but because it’s a Polish brand it is way cheaper in Poland. For one palette I paid €12,50. In The Netherlands you would pay at least €28,-. Because I’m a makeup lover, I couldn’t resist to buy two palettes. One with wild colors and one with soft/neutral colors. I also bought a necklace, just because I really liked it. My first purchase was this hat. It was so cold in Warsaw and I needed a hat. This was the only one I found, so I bought this one.


I hear you thinking; ‘A white concealer’. Yes, a white concealer. Because I’m so pale (especially in winter), it’s really hard to find a foundation in my color. I bought this concealer to mix all my foundations that are too dark for me. I have many, so instead of throwing them away, I can mix them now. I also bought this sweater. It says ‘Magic is something you make’. I really like the quote, but I also like the colors on it. It’s like a sunset on a sweater, so I couldn’t resist it.

That was all I bought in Poland. It’s always more than I think, but it wasn’t expensive so it’s okay I think. I really like to buy somethings when I’m traveling. So when you’re back, you have reminders from your trip all over your house.

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