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5 things to do in Warsaw

For only €37,- I found a return ticket to Warsaw. I couldn’t resist it and bought it. No idea what to expect, I just went. Because I had 7 days in Poland, I thought it would be nice to visit two cities in one trip. So I went to Warsaw and Kraków, the two most populair cities from Poland. I can say this trip was really amazing and I didn’t know (until now) how amazing Poland is. To give you some inspiration what to do in Warsaw I have this list down below. Of course there’s much more to do in Warsaw, but those I really like the most.

– Visiting Stare Miasto (Old Town)
This part of Warsaw was founded in the 13th century. Still you can see the city wall from that time. The most important (and most known) spot from the Old Town is the Marketsquare. It’s a beautiful spot with lovely buildings like churches, shops and the Royal Castle. In the Second World War this part of Warsaw was almost completely destroyed. After the war they started rebuilding the Old Town with the original stones. Old Town is not in the city centre of Warsaw, but you can take the subway to it. From the city centre it’s a 30 minutes walk to the Old Town.


– Try a Polish dish
It’s not my most favorite cuisine I tried, but I think you have to try at least once a dish from the country you’re in. I think you can compare it a little with a mixture from the Russian and German cuisine, but than a bit different.

– Do a (communist) tour
I did this tour on my second day and I’m glad I did this tour. It gives you sight about the history from Warsaw/Poland and also why things are how they are now. I’ll write a whole review on this tour, so stay tuned.


– Walk around the city and categorize the buildings in ‘pre-war’, ‘post-war’ and ‘modern’
The last one is of course a bit obvious, but the other two are really interesting. Pre-war buildings has decorations on the outside (and inside as well) and are larger. Post-war is from the communist period and looks like small blocks and no decoration. It has to be that simple. Not all of those buildings are like that and it’s great to just walk around and think about which period the building is from.

– See the view from the Palace of Culture and Science
If you only can do one thing on this list, you have to do this one! This building is so amazing and beautiful. This building, Palace of Culture and Science, was a gift from Stalin to Poland, because of the communism. The Polish people were not that content with the gift and they called it ‘Stalin’s Penis’. I can understand under the circumstances they were living why they didn’t like it at all, but now (when you look from a different prespective) it’s one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. You can go inside of the building and buy a ticket (around €2,-/€3,-) to go to the 30th floor to see the view of the city. The day I was there it was really cloudy, but still absolutely worth it.


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