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What’s in my carry-on luggage – Poland edition

As you may know if you follow me on social media (if not; follow me!) I’m now in Poland. I’m here for 7 days and I’m visiting two cities, Warsaw and Krakow. To save money I only want to take carry-on luggage with me. I bought a carry-on suitcase and start packing really efficiently. So what did I pack for a week of Poland?


First of all I wear on the plane a pair of jeans, a long top and a sweater. I wear also (of course) comfortable shoes, because this is the only pair of shoes I will have for a week. Normally I also don’t switch shoes daily and I have always one pair I prefer to wear. Because it’s kinda cold in Poland now, I have a warm coat with me, some gloves and a scarf with me.

So what’s in my suitcase for clothes?
– One pair of jeans
– A long top and a lace one for on top
– Two thin vests/jackets
– A dress
– A pair of leggings
– A pajamas (top and bottom)
– Socks
– Underwear


I think three sets of clothes is enough to cover one week. If you don’t care about wearing your jeans twice it will be enough. But of course I had to bring other things with me. I have a travel towel with me, because this towel is really compact. Shampoo, conditioner, bodylotion and makeup remover are in smaller bottles to bring with me on the plane. I don’t have showergel, because I couldn’t find another small bottles, so I use shampoo. I also have my makeup bag with me. If you want to know what’s in my makeup bag, you can click here.

In my daypack I have a notebook and my travel journal. I also take a lot of small stuff with me like a spork, hand sanitizer, tablets (like travel sickness and lactase tablets) and other random things.


I always put all the different chargers in one (toiletry) bag. So I don’t have to search for every charger. Those cables are holy for me! So in this bag there are the chargers for my phone, camera, iPod and tablet. I also have a Powerbank to charge my phone when I’m on the way. So of course I have those electrical devices with me on this trip.

That was all I have in my carry-on luggages on this trip. It’s always more than I think, but my suitcase weight was only 6,5 kg and the weight of the suitcase by itself is already 2,8 kg. So it’s a lot, but still not much. It’s just the things you need on a normal day, nothing crazy.

What’s in your carry-on luggage when you have a small trip?

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