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5x travel journals

Something I like to do is writing down my memories from a trip. I love to write on the digital paper, but for some reasons I want to write those memories on real paper. That’s why I asked for a travel journal as a present for Sinterklaas (the Dutch kind of Christmas). You can also use a normal notebook, but a travel journal is made for it. I found some really cute travel journals on the internet I wanted to share with you. All they have something different, what makes them so great to use. So if you want to buy a travel journal for yourself or you’re searching for a presest for a traveler, just keep on reading!


This is the journal I have. I didn’t use it yet, because it was given to me as a present for Sinterklaas. The layout of this journal is really classic, like always with Moleskine. In the journal you’ll find stickers to personalise your journal, checklists (what to pack), calendars, travel information (like time zones), budget and trip planners, pages to list memorable moments and a lot more. You can find this journal on the site from Moleskine.


This is a little journal what closes with a magnet. There’s a pocket in the back where you can put e.g. photos in. It’s just a blank journal with lines. Nothing special, but a great size to travel with. You can find it on


This is a travel notebook from The Listography. I have another notebook from The Listography (the yellow one). I think those books are really great designed, with a lot of cute illustrations. This is not a typical journal, but it’s a notebook you make lists for different topics. In this travel notebook you make e.g. lists about where you want to go, what you want to visit, where you’ve been, etc. If you don’t like to write a whole journal, this is a great travel notebook to have! You can find it on


This travel journal you can use as a scrapbook for your souveniers. You can put your planetickets in it, photos, postcards, maps, tickets from the subway or a museum. So if you’re a person who keeps every bit and bob you get on your trip, this is a great way to collect it. You can find it on


This is a colorful journal with a lot of illustrations. In this journal you can fill in list about where you want to go, but also about the places you went. There’s also plenty of space to write things like addresses or tips from locals. In this journal you find also time zones, measurements and other relevant information about the different countries around the world. Even though I have already one journal, I think I want to buy this one too. It looks so great to me! You can find it also on

Do you use a travel journal? Or do you write everything down on the digital paper?

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    Tea Was Here
    February 21, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    die laatste ziet er heel schattig uit! Ik heb meestal gewoon een noteboekje

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