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New in: a carry-on suitcase

For years I had to borrow a suitcase from my boyfriend’s father. Last year I bought a backpack, because carrying a suitcase to Indonesia and Australia wasn’t a option for me. Now the time has come that I bought my first suitcase. Not a big suitcase, but just a small carry-on suitcase. Next week I’m going to Poland and I take only handlugage with me. So I needed a suitcase. I could borrow it again from my ‘father in law’ (we’re not married), but I didn’t want to ask it again. Now the time has come that I needed to buy one for myself, so I don’t have to depend on someone everytime I travel.


It’s a small carry-on suitcase, with the sizes what are allowed as a carry-on suitecase (51 x 35 x 20 cm). The brand is Travelite, and the name of the suitcase is ‘Derby 2 Wiel Trolley S’. The content is 36 liters. It’s a soft case in a wine red color. There were four different colors, but this one I liked the most. The other colors are black (everybody has black), blue and normal red. I thought this one is kind of an unique color and is dark, so you don’t see filth on it fast.


On the inside there’s a strap where you can put your clothes under to keep it in place. When I saw the package of the suitcase where it came in, I was a bit scared the suitcase whould be too small for me. But when I see how it looks open, it’s looks quite big to me.


On the otherside there’s a zippocket where you can put smaller things, but also your laptop will fit in it. I think it’s really easy there’s a zippocket like this, because you always have some small random things (like chargers) you want to have in reach. So this pocket is ideal for it.


When you close the suitcase there’s a combination lock where you put the zippers in. The only way you can open the lock is when you know the code. I think it’s great to have the lock on your suitcase, even though it’s in reach (because it’s handlugage). You always have to be careful with your belongings, so I think it’s a great to have this function on it.

As you know me already, you know I love to save money on everything. So I also did it with this suitcase. The suitcase was on sale for €39,95 (it was first €59,95). I think it’s a great price for this suitcase. I hope it will visit a lot of countries with me. I bought this suitcase on Travelbags.nl .

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