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10 excuses not to travel

There’s always an excuse for everything, so there’s also an excuse for not traveling. I should say a lot of excuses. As a traveler you hear them all the time, so it’s time to bring those excuses down!

Excuse 1: “It’s too expensive”
Traveling can be really expensive, but it doesn’t need to. It depends where you are going (Australia is expensive, but Vietnam or Indonesia isn’t) and what kind of choices you make. Not only while traveling, but also before traveling. Save money instead of buying unnecessary material products like a brand new car and when you do that you’ll have enough money for traveling. One thing to make clear; traveling doesn’t have to mean staying in 5 star hotels and eating always in expensive restaurants. You can make your trip as expensive as you want.

Excuse 2: “I’m too busy” or “I have no time it”
You hear this all the time. For traveling, for exercising, for hanging out with friends.. There is no time for it. In my opinion that nonsense and you have to make time for something you want. Of course we have our commitments (study, work, etc.), but there is always something to arrange. And if you really want to travel, than you put effort in it to arrange something.

Excuse 3: “I have no one to travel with me”
A lot of people think you have to travel with somebody, otherwise it isn’t fun. Wrong answer! It is! Waiting for somebody to change his/her mind is way less fun then you go by yourself. Traveling solo around the world makes you more independent and gives you a lot of freedom. You make your own choices what to do and nobody is complaining that they don’t want to do that. If you too scared to travel alone, you can also book a tour (or a whole trip) for solo travelers. With those tours you’re in a group with people who also want to travel, but don’t want to travel alone.

Excuse 4: “My boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t want to travel, so I can’t go”
My boyfriend doesn’t want to travel either, but I go. So no, it isn’t an excuse. It’s a bit the same as above, but now about your lover. If he/she don’t want to travel, it doesn’t mean you’re not able to go. Maybe not together, but you can go by yourself. Think about the fact you’re not one person, but two independent people who love each other. When you love each other you let your lover do what he/she wants to do in life. For me it’s traveling, for my boyfriend it’s having a successful business. We support each other in every way we can and I think that it also makes the relationship stronger when you’re doing that.


Excuse 5: “I’ll do it someday, in a few years, in the future”
Procrastinating. Something I’m doing a lot (especially with my study), but I want to stop doing that. You live now and you have to make the best from it. You don’t know what the future will bring, so live the life you want live now. So if that means you want to travel, take a plane and go.

Excuse 6: “It’s too dangerous to travel”
When I went to Indonesia everybody scared me with stories how dangerous it can be in countries like that. I never felt unsafe in the four weeks I’ve been there, never. First of all; a lot of people don’t know anything about the safety from other countries. Of course some countries are more dangerous than others and of course you have to be careful all the time. But you’re also careful when you’re crossing the street in your own town. I think it’s human to go away from danger and if you don’t search for danger there’s often nothing wrong.

Excuse 7: “I can’t take the time off”
Sometimes it’s true, but most of the times it isn’t. A lot of jobs allow you to take time of for traveling. Of course you won’t get paid, but the possibility is there. If it isn’t a possibility and you really want to travel, just do it. Quit your job and go. You live only once, so don’t feel stuck somewhere you can’t realise your dreams. After traveling there’s a job waiting for you and maybe it’s even better. You can also use traveling to boost your CV. Think about doing volunteer work in Africa or traveling around Australia to improve your English.

Excuse 8: “I’m not that adventures”
You don’t need to be adventures to travel. I’m definitely not adventures and I got scared really easily (ask my boyfriend if you don’t believe me), but I travel around the world by myself. Just do what you want to do and if it’s only things within your comfort zone that’s ok. Most of the times I do that too, but sometimes I take a step out my comfort zone just to try. Most of the times I really like it (like surfing!), so I think it’s a great step.


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Excuse 9: “I don’t speak another language”
In the 21st century is that something that doesn’t matter anymore. All over the world English is a language a lot of people understand and speak. If they don’t we have our phones with translation apps, so there’s no excuse for not knowing another language.

Excuse 10: “People around my don’t want to and say it’s weird to go alone”
I’m dealing with this all the time. I’m going to Poland next week and they’re always confused when I’m saying I’m going by myself. First I was worrying all the time about what other people say, but now it doesn’t bother anymore. It’s my life and I want to live it the way I want it. I can’t please everybody, but I can please myself and doing all the things in life I want to do. And even though you’re trying to please everybody, there’s always something people talk about.

So I don’t think it’s possible you still have an excuse, but if you still have an excuse maybe you have to consider if you really want to travel. It’s ok when you don’t want to, but if you want there’s no excuse for it! One thing; don’t be hard on yourself. Of course it’s understandable it’s hard to make time and money when you have college and it’s easier when you have a well paid job and when you’re able to take time of. Every life is different, but try to make it fit in your life.

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