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6 travel accessories from Ebay

Ebay is a great site to find a lot of bargains on. I have a lot of makeup brushes from Ebay and also the case for my mobile phone and my tablet are from Ebay. I collected a lot of items from this site in the last few years and also some items I really enjoy while traveling. Those items I will list down below, so you can buy them too for a really low price.


1. Earphones
I always buy earphones on Ebay. My earphones get broken (or lost) really easily, so I don’t want to invest in expensive earphones. I tried a lot of earphones from Ebay, but those are my favorite for 1,5 now. They last quite long (3-6 months), has nice sound and are cheap. I always have the pink ones, but I bought them also for my sister in another color and she’s also really content. I always have two pairs of earphones with me when I’m traveling. Just in case, so I don’t have to travel without music. Those I can really recommand when you’re searching for some cheap ones. You can find them when you search ‘Earphone Headset with Remote + Mic’. The price is approx. $2,-.


2. Travel water bottle/bag
When I’m traveling I really need some water with me, but your not allowed to take a bottle with you. Before boarding I have to take some (travel sickness) medicines, so I always had to buy the expensive water from the airport. Now I bought this ‘water bag’ I can put in my bag with out water and I can fill it with water before boarding. Saves a lot of money! You can find the item when you search ‘water bottle bag folding’. The price is approx. $1,35.


3. Travel wallet
This travel wallet I bought to put my tickets, my pasport and some important documents in. So I have all the important stuff in one, so you can lose them. You can find this wallet when you search ‘Plane Travel Wallet Passport Holder’. The price is approx. $2,50


4. Toiletry bag
I have a lot of toiletry bags. I don’t use them only for toiletries, but also for my chargers and other small items. This one is really useful, because when you open the bag you can see all your products. You don’t have to search anymore for the products you need. I don’t use it for my makeup, but for my other toiletries, like my toothbrush, shampoo and showergel. You can find this item when you search ‘travel toiletry bag’. The price is approx. $2,50.


5. Silicone travel bottles
I always had those small travel bottles from the Primark or the drugstores, but those are really difficult to squeeze in. So most of the times your shampoo don’t want to come out of the bottle when it’s almost empty. Those bottles from Ebay are silicony and you can squeeze in them, so it’s really easy to use. There are three different sizes and there are different colors. You can find those bottles when you search ‘travel bottle silicone’. The bottles are different in price, because of the different sizes. ($2,80-$4,09)


6. Tripod
I just bought this item, but I think I’m really going to use it while traveling. First I always had to ask somebody to make a picture, but now I can put it somewhere. This tripod is flexible, so even though the surface is not flat, it can stand on it. You can find this tripod when you search ‘Flexible tripod’. The price is approx. $1,99.

As you can see all of these products are really cheap. In ‘normal’ stores you pay way more for those products, but on Ebay those are really cheap. For those bargains I really like Ebay, but I don’t buy more expensive thing on this site. I think the most expensive thing I bought, was around $10,-. For more expensive products, I just want to be sure what I buy, so I buy them in ‘normal’ stores.

You can pay on Ebay with a creditcard or a Paypal account. I use always Paypal. It’s really easy and also save to use.

Did you ever purchased something on Ebay? Yes, what did you purchase?

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    February 2, 2015 at 9:19 am

    very handy!

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    Tea Was Here
    February 21, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    toffe lijst. Het flesje lijkt me best handig, misschien maar eentje bestellen

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    March 19, 2016 at 9:45 am

    I think Security daypack is very helful too.

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