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10 tips to save money on your flights

After 4 years of booking my own tickets for a vacation and travel, I know a lot about saving money on tickets. As a student I’m still working in a supermarket, so for me cheap and budget are always very important. I want the best deals and I don’t book a ticket when I’m not happy with the price. Tickets are still a major cost, but it’s always nice when you can save some money on it. So I will give you some tips to save money on your flights.

1. Compare a lot
First of all; compare a lot between flights. Use websites like Skyscanner, Momondo and other websites you have all the different airlines together. Before you book your flight, check also the website from the airlines you’re looking at, because the price can be different on their website (and sometimes it’s cheaper).

2. Be flexible with your travel dates
Sometimes it’s not an option, but sometimes it is. When you’re flexible with dates, it a lot easier to find a cheaper ticket. You can use Skyscanner to compare those dates.


3. Leave from another airport you normally do
It can be a lot cheaper when you search from different origin city. For me normally I go to Düsseldorf (I live close the border), but Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Brussel and Köln are also an option for me. So search your area for another airport, because sometimes it can be cheaper to buy a trainticket to other airport.

4. Delete your cookies!
When you are comparing the different tickets, you save up a lot of cookies in your browser history. Before you book, you have to delete your cookies, because it can save a lot of money. Your computer knows you really want a specific flight and when you check over and over, the price will rise every time you check. This is also a tip for hotel websites.

5. Be patient
Most of the times it take me weeks before I book a ticket. The prices are really variable and you can have 10 different prices a day. So check every day (also on other times) what the price of the ticket is and book when you know it’s really low in price.

6. Travel in the off-peak season
In peak season (school holidays), tickets are really expensive. In Europe the months May, June/July and October are peak season. If you have the possibility to avoid those periods, you should definitly do it. A ticket to London in peak season costs twice as much as in off-peak season.

7. Pack hand luggage only
When I book a short (city) trip, most of the times I don’t a big suitcase. So I can save on my luggage. For example to take a big suitcase with you with Ryan Air, you have to pay €15,- each flight. So for a return fight it’s €30,-. If you save this every short trip, you save a lot of money. It also stops you from overpacking.


8. Book your ticket on a weekday
Most people are seaching for tickets in the weekend. The more searches, the more expensive the tickets will be. Tuesday and Wednesday in the morning are the most off-peak moments from the week. So look also on those moments, because not many people will do it.

9. Fly indirect
When you have a long distance flight, the direct flights are most of the times the most expencive. When you choose an indirect flight you can save up hunderds of euros. So if money is more important than time, it’s really worth searching for. For Bali I had two stop-overs (4 and 6 hours) and it saved me €200,-. For me it was definitly worth it.

10. Search on the web for deals
Some airlines will have some deals every now and then. Subscribe to the newsletter from different airlines, so you know right away when there’s a deal. Also check the websites every week for other deals.

While writing this post I booked a return ticket to Warsaw for only €37,-. Yesterday the website from Ryanair crashed while booking. I wanted to book the ticket for €44,- and after the crash it was €57,-. So I decided to wait and that has been successfull!

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