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What’s in my travel makeup bag?

I love to experiment with make-up, but when I’m traveling I don’t want to bring my whole make-up collection with me. That’s why I have a few basics for my makeup bag when I’m traveling. This post is about what’s in my travel makeup bag when I’m traveling with a suitcase. When I’m traveling with my backpack, I want to keep it even more basic than what I show you now. I will show you those basics in the future, but first my make-upbag when I have enough space to take a bit more with me.


Most of the times I have a makeup bag from the Primark. Those are really cheap (this one was €4,-), so it doesn’t matter if it breaks or get dirty. This makeup bag is a small makeup bag with two compartments. You can close them with a zipper. I think it’s a really cute makeup bag and really usefull, because you can (for example) separate your brushes from your makeup.


So, this is what’s in my makeup bag on a trip when I have a big suitcase with me. Most of the times I don’t get to the maximum weight, so I like to be generously in my makeup. I like to have some choices to create different looks. That’s why I take two lipsticks with me, a nude one and a brighter color. As you can see, most of the products are budget brands. The first reason is I don’t want to splurge too much money on makeup, because I rather save it for traveling. The second reason is if you lose some of the products or it breaks while traveling, it isn’t a big issue.


So what’s actually in my makeup bag? Those are the tools I use;
– Powder brush (Real Techniques)
– Stippling brush for my blush (Ebay)
– Foundation brush (Ebay)
– Two eye brushes (Zoeva)
– Eyebrow brush (Zoeva)
– Spooly
– A pair of tweezers
– Some rubber bands
– Some q-tips
– A lipbalm


What kind of makeup is in the bag?
– All Matt Plus foundation (Catrice) or a BB-cream
– All Matt Plus powder (Catrice)
– Defining Blush 020 (Catrice)*
– Velvet Matt eyeshadow 010 (Catrice)*
– Absolute Eye Colour 790 (Catrice)*
– Eyebrow set (Catrice)
– Eyeliner pen black (Essence)
– Black kohl pencil
– I love extreme crazy volume mascara (Essence)
– Pure Color lipstick 012 – nude (P2)*
– Lustre lipstick plumful – purple/plum (MAC)*

* Those products can be different every trip. It depends on what I love to use at that moment. So sometimes I want a blush with a sheen, so I take another one. The same for the other products, because it’s easy to change colors. For eyes I always have a highlight and crease color with me and for my lips always a nude and brighter color.

It looks really much when you list it down, but most of the products I use every day. And if I want to I can change my daily look to something more special. Sometimes I drop a little eyeshadow palette in my makeup bag to have more choices for eyelooks, but most of the times I don’t. I don’t want to spend to much time on my makeup when I’m on a trip, that’s just a waste of time ;)

Now I love to know what’s in your travel makeup bag?

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