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Listening to my most favorite band; Epica. I’m in love with this band for years now, but in December I went to a concert (for the 5th time) and I’m obsessed again. I’m listening to all of the CD’s, but I really love the live ones.

Watching The Mentalist. I love this serie! I watch this serie now for a couple of years every week with my boyfriend and this absolutly my most favorite serie. Because I started at season 2 or 3, I watched the other seasons on the plane to Bali and Australia. Maybe not that ‘currently’, but I had to say that I’m in love with this serie.

Liking that I’m accepted for Cambridge Advanced English course. I quit my internship for my study (geography teacher) because of some reasons and now this six months I’m at home ‘waiting’ to start again. So now I have something I can work for and I really want to be able to write and spreak English way better.

Loving my boyfriend and the fact we’re living together now. Because I quit my internship, I didn’t need to live in the city of my college. To save money, I moved in at my boyfriends house. I’m really happy that we’re living together now, because it’s the right time for it. We’re already 7 years together (since I was 15 years old), so I feels so good!

Craving Wraps with cream cheese, ham and lettuce. Jum! Or wraps with cream cheese, chicken breast, lettuce and chili sauce! If you didn’t try it yet, give it a try. It’s so good as lunch or for a quick snack.

Looking forward to London. I decided to go to London next month. I’ve never been there, but I really want to go for years. Now I have the time for it, so I’m going to do it! Yeah!

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