5 reasons to stop dreaming and start doing

I love to dream about everything what could happen in my live. But dreaming doesn’t make it happen, so in order to make it happen you have to start doing it. Literally start living your dream. You can live by expectations from other people, but you can also live the way you want to live. When you’re 80 years old and you reflect upon the life you have lived, you should not have any regrets. That’s something I have in mind since last summer. I love traveling so much, even though some people see it as a vacation, for me it was such an experience and also a relief. I found something I really love to do. So since last summer I want to start living the life I really want to live. That’s why I give you 5 reasons why you also should do it.

1. You only live once
Like I said above, you only live once. When you’re 80 years old, you don’t want to regret anything you didn’t do. You always hear people saying “I wish I did this“, but you rarely hear people saying “I wish I didn’t do this“. Even though you have to work really hard to make your dream come true, it’s worth it. It’s your dream and you have to fight for it.

2. You’ll be happier
Imagine yourself doing things what you love to do, day in day out. I don’t know what would make me more happier. When you’re happy all the time, you’ll show it to the world around you. You are known as the person who has always a smile on the face.


3. You’ll inspire other people
When people see you’re following your dreams, a lot of people will look up to you and sometimes you can inspire people with your ‘mindset’. It’s so easy to live the simple life (they’re expected to live) and that’s what a lot of people are doing. When they see somebody who doesn’t want to live the simple live, it can inspire them to do the same.

4. You’ll experience things you never could have imagined before
Follow your dream means also a lot of surprises. You never know how your road to your dream would be. It certainly not a straight road, but it also has sideways. For example your dream is to live in Brazil. First of all you’ll learning Portuguese, but when you’re living in Brazil, you’ll get in touch with the culture and experience those things.

5. You’ll learn a lot about yourself
Last, but certainly not least; you will learn a lot about yourself. When you’re trying to make your dream come to true, it won’t be easy. You will come across some problems you have to fix by yourself. There isn’t a book ‘How to realise your specific dream’ and there isn’t always somebody who can help you. You will not allow anything to stop you and you’ll surprise yourself about your ability to never give up. And after years of learning, you can help others to make their dream come true.

Now I’m not saying you totally have to stop dreaming, but you have to stop dreaming in the way wishing your life was different. Your life is your own hands, so do whatever you want to and live the life you what to live. Don’t be the 80 year old man/woman who is telling their grandkids that they regret not following the dream he/she always had.

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