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Top 5 Travel Instagram Accounts

A few months ago I (finally) gave in and gave Instagram a try. I know, I was a bit late with the hype, but better late than never. I didn’t saw the point of it, but after looking at some accounts I gave in. I got an account and I started following some people. I still don’t make ‘selfies’, but one day I will give in for that too. For me Instagram is a way to see people’s lives through a camera and I really like to see all those travel pictures from all those people (even though I don’t know them). Because I love to travel, I follow a lot of travel Instagrammers. In this post I make a top 5 of my most favorite travel Instagram accounts.

5. A Globe Well Travelled

She makes a lot of pictures of buildings around the world with a lot of colors and creativity. But besides buildings she makes also a lot of great nature pictures.

4. Some Kind of Wanderlust

She makes beautiful pictures of the most beautiful places (a lot of beaches!). You’ll get a bit jealous of her Instagram account.

3. Queen of Jetlags

She’s a travel and fashion blogger from The Netherlands and she combine those two perfectly together. I’m not really into fashion, but because she combine it with travel I really like her style.

2. Handluggage Only

I think this Instagram account is the most funniest account I follow. They make really nice travel pictures, but the people behind this account combine it with a good sense of humor. Every time I see pictures from them it makes me happy.

1. World of Wanderlust

This is by far my most favorite travel Instagram account. First of all I love her blog and second she makes really beautiful pictures. She make everything 1000 times more beautiful. You have to see those pictures before you know what I mean.

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    January 9, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    i absolutely love to travel, thanks for sharing these!

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