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2014 travel recap

2014 was the best year of my life. Yes, there were some bits and bobs in my life that weren’t the greatest. But hey, that’s life and you have to deal with it. But 2014 was above all an amazing year when you look at my travellist. In this blogpost I’ll tell you were I’ve been in 2014 and I will tell you something about those trips.


My first trip of 2014 was in April to Scotland. I came to Scotland to visit a friend of mine who was studying for six months in Glasgow. The main reason was to meet her, but of course when you’re in a different country you want to see some of it. So the first day I saw a lot of the city centre of Glasgow. Because of the fact she lived there already for a few months, she knew the hotspots, so we went there. I also went to the historical city Edinburgh. It was a beautiful city between the mountains, something I really like. I had only 5 days in Scotland, so I haven’t been to the highlands, but someday I will.

The next trip started on the last day of May and my first long trip by myself. I went to Bali for four weeks to do some volunteerwork. I did a minor for my study called ‘Global development issues’ and for internship you had to do one month of volunteerwork somewhere on this planet. I chose for Bali and I did volunteerwork at a kindergardenproject. The first week you had a cultural introduction week. We went to a big temple, we saw some dances, we cooked a typical Balinese meal and a lot more. After this week I worked at a kindergarden nearby Ubud. I gave some English classes, but most of the times we did some games with the kids. In the weekends (and sometimes also during the week) you were free, so on those days you could explore the island. And of course I did!

After those weeks I wanted first to travel around Indonesia, but the local people told me not to do. This because of the Ramadan in Indonesia and the fact they’re really strict about rules like eating after sunset. For my first real travel I didn’t want to face that and in the last week of Bali I made the decision to go to Australia. This was a great decision, because Australia is a-ma-zing! I fell in love with this country. The people are nice, the nature was beautiful and just hole vibe was amazing. I’ve been to Australia just for three weeks. It was short, but I saw a lot of the Eastcoast. I started in Sydney and ended up in Cairns. I decided already this wasn’t my last time in Australia, because I have a lot more to explore of this immense country.

Normally in the summer my boyfriend and I are going on a holiday together. This summer I was in Bali and Australia we didn’t go on a holiday together. But in the autumn holiday we had some money left and we wanted some sun. So we booked a ticket and a hotel in Tunisia. It was an all inclusive hotel, not something I’m normally a fan of. But after a few weeks of internship I was so exhausted, I needed something like that. For my boyfriend the same, so we wanted something easy. We didn’t do a lot that week, but the climate of Tunesia was really nice to hang out at the beach.

That was my travel recap of 2014. I hope 2015 will also bring me some great travels, but we will see. I really don’t know anything what I’m going to do those six months after quiting my internship. So it’s totally living at the moment and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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