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2015 resolutions – my goals

Happy new year everybody! 2014 was for me an amazing year with a lot of ups and some downs. In 2014 I had my first ‘real’ travel by myself. I’ve been to Bali for 4 weeks, where I did some volunteer work at a kindergarden. We had also a lot of free time, so I saw a lot of the island. After those weeks I went to Australia and had also an amazing time at the most beautiful country I’ve ever been. Those were my most excited things what happened in 2014, but I hope 2015 will be even greater. To make that possible, I’ve made a few goals for this year.


1. Eat more healthier
Every year I start with the solution to lose weight. It’s still something I want to do, but I think eating healthier is more important. Maybe because I eat more healthier, I’m going to lose some weight. From February 1st, I’m going to live together with my boyfriend. Then I have a more stable situation, than I had when I lived in my dormroom. So I hope it makes it more easy to eat healthier.

2. Be more active
Last year I started swimming again in my university city. I still have the sportmembership, but I’m moving from the city to my boyfriendhouse. Between those cities it’s 1,5 hours by public transport. I hope to swim twice a month, but I have to find something else to do. To be active doesn’t mean I have to sport 5 times a week, but it can also mean a 20 minute walk a day.

3. Travel to new places
Even though there aren’t big trips coming up, this is a goal for 2015. With my student budget I don’t think there’s a possibility to make a big traveltrip this year. But a few small trips should be able to be realized.

4. Blog more and write blogposts of good quality
I love to blog, but on my earlier blog it didn’t feel right what I wrote about. It felt more like a competition in ‘bloggersworld’ and because of that I quited my earlier blog. On this blog I only want to write about things I like. This year I want to write more, but the quality of the blogpost must be good. I know I make mistakes in my English, but I want to learn from my mistakes. So don’t feel afraid to correct me, because that’s the way I can learn of my mistakes. I also want to learn how to make good pictures. I don’t have a SLR, but maybe in the future I want to buy one. First I want to start with my compact camera (Canon PowerShot SX240 HS) to improve myself. In summary; I want my blog to grow, but the most important is that I want to grow.

These are my biggest goals for 2015. Of course I hope everything on my study is going to get well, but I really don’t know anything yet. I quited my one year internship, because of some things what happened. Now I have six months of ‘waiting’ to start a new internship. It’s possible to finish my thesis this year, but I also hope to get in my pre-master already. But that’s not sure at the moment, so we will see.

I hope you all had a great new year’s eve and all best wishes for you this year. Do you have any goals for this year? Leave them down below in the comments! I would really like to know.

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