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I wanted to do this tag, because it’s a really positive tag. I think it’s really important to highlight the positive things in your live, because you only live onces. There’s no point to be negative. That’s why I did the ‘Best things’ tag, so I’m all in a positive mood.

Best beautytip
Cleanse your face every day. It sound cliché, but I notice when I don’t do it my skin breaks out. It’s really important to keep your face clean and especially when you use make-up all day long.

Best food
Hmm.. That’s a hard one. I love a lot of foods! But when I have to choose I will choose for chocolate and spare-ribs. No, not together, but I love chocolate in general as a sweet snack. Spare-ribs are amazing as dinner and I love to go to a restaurant with my boyfriend to get some delicious spareribs.

Best sport
I love to swim! I did it when I was a kid for 11 years. Now I swim every week again and I love it. I love to be in the water and it’s a great sport.

Best piece of clothing
I love dresses, but I don’t wear them as often, because I don’t own a lot of dresses. Most of the dresses I like are most of the times too short for me or they don’t fit as well. But when I found the perfect dress, I will wear it for years.

Best thing to read
I actually don’t read any books, because most of the times I try I can’t stay focused. I digress in my thoughts. When I read something it’s most of the times something for school or articles on a blog. Those are not to long and I love to read blogs.

Best music
I love a lot of different kinds of music, but I’m loving the band Epica. Not everybody likes it, but it’s a symphonic metalband. I’m a fan since the first album and still loving it. I also like Linkin Park, but not as much as Epica.

Best sound
The sound of the car from my boyfriend. I know exactly which sound comes from his car. When I hear this sound, I know it’s time to open the door and give him a hug.

Best accessory
My ring and necklace which I received from my boyfriend <3

Best gadget
My smartphone, a Nokia 920. I can’t live without it!

Best invention
Pfoeh! There are a lot of great inventions, but for me the best thing is a computer in combined with the internet! Yes, I’m a bit addicted.

Best thing in life
My boyfriend and I know that’s not a thing, but he’s the best person in my life. We’ve been together for 7 years now and I still love him so much. That’s why I had to mention him in this article, because he’s really important for me.

These were the best things in my life. What are your best things in life?

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