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There’s no specific dress code when you’re traveling, but when you’re traveling you only have your backpack/suitcase and that’s also your closet. So that means you don’t have space to take a lot of clothes with you. You have to make choices and it’s very personal what you want. It also depends on where you’re going and in what season. I will give you some tips about what kind of clothing (in general) are for me a must have when I’m traveling.

The most important thing for me is a pair of comfortable shoes. When you’re walking all day, the last thing you want is that your feet hurts. So take at least one pair of comfortable shoes with you, because otherwise you’ll regret it. Also is it useful to take a second pair of comfortable shoes with you when you’re going to a place when it’s raining a lot. So you’ll always have a dry pair of shoes.

The second thing is a warm sweater. Even though you’re going to a warm country, temperature can drop really easy. Especially when you’re near the sea or in the mountains. So if you don’t want to get cold, it’s important to have a warm sweater with you. You can also use it as a little blanket.

I always take a scarf with me when I’m traveling. When it gets colder you can use it around your neck, but a scarf has more uses. In a lot of religious countries you have to cover your head and shoulders with a scarf when you want to go inside of a temple and/or church. Sometimes they have scarves at the temple and/or church, but I think it’s more hygienic when you have your own one. Like the sweater, you can also use it as a blanket.

When you’re going to a warm country, you probably will have them with you. But also when you’re going to a country where it’s colder, it’s really useful to take flip-flops with you. When you’re going to a hostel, you have to share your bathroom most of the times. And even though a bathroom is for cleaning yourself, it could be really dirty. So when you don’t want to stand in the filth, flip-flops are the answer.

This one is also maybe a bit obvious, but bring always your swimming suit with you. Unless you’re going to the North Pole, then you don’t need them. But even though you’re going to a colder country, sometimes there are pools at the hotel. And I really like it to go into the pool after a long day of walking.

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