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Tag: 15 travel dilemmas

I saw this travel tag on some Dutch travelblogs and I really liked this tag. I decided to do this tag to and I translated it into English. The tag is about
15 travel dilemmas and you have to make choices what fits you the most. Some are a bit hard to choose, but it was really fun to do! Continue Reading

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How to use to book a budget trip

I’m sure 98% of the people who loves to travel knows I’ve used this site all the time to book hostels (or hotels) when I was in Bali and Australia. It’s a really easy to use this site and it’s easy to pay. I’ve used this site so much that I have now a genius account, which means you get discounts on some accommodations. In this article I will tell you how to use this site and give you some tips to save money. Continue Reading