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Top 10: Most favorite Poland pictures

Four weeks ago went to Poland to visit Warsaw and Kraków. Wow, it’s already four weeks ago! Time flies when you’re having fun (or just when you’re busy!). The trip to Poland a spontaneous one, without doing big research what I could expect. My goal was to enjoy a county what isn’t known as touristic one. Also I wanted to work a bit on my photography skills and have patience to make a good picture. That’s what this post is about. I want to show you my most favorite Poland pictures I made. Still I’m not a professional, but I think with a bit of practice and have a lot of patience my photo’s will get better. Continue Reading

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10 excuses not to travel

There’s always an excuse for everything, so there’s also an excuse for not traveling. I should say a lot of excuses. As a traveler you hear them all the time, so it’s time to bring those excuses down!

Excuse 1: “It’s too expensive”
Traveling can be really expensive, but it doesn’t need to. It depends where you are going (Australia is expensive, but Vietnam or Indonesia isn’t) and what kind of choices you make. Not only while traveling, but also before traveling. Save money instead of buying unnecessary material products like a brand new car and when you do that you’ll have enough money for traveling. One thing to make clear; traveling doesn’t have to mean staying in 5 star hotels and eating always in expensive restaurants. You can make your trip as expensive as you want. Continue Reading

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10 Reasons To Love Bali

Last summer I’ve been to Bali for four weeks. I did some volunteer work at a kinder garden near Ubud, but I also saw a lot of the Island. In those four weeks I really got to know the Island. Last week I said I fell in love with Australia and that’s totally true. But I have my heart in different places around the world and Bali is one of the places. Before I went to Bali I didn’t believe what they said about Bali was true, but it was truly amazing. That’s why I wrote down 10 reasons to love Bali. (And you will love Bali!) Continue Reading