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10 Reasons Why I Love To Travel

As you all can tell by my blog; I love to travel. It makes me extremely happy. My boyfriend doesn’t like to travel, but that’s for me not a reason to stop traveling. In my opinion you have to do what makes you happy and for me it’s traveling around the world. Luckily I have a great boyfriend who supports me in whatever I do. He also encourages me to travel more, because he knows it makes me happy. But why do I love traveling so much? That’s what I’m going to tell you down below! Continue Reading


10 things only travelers will understand

1. You’re always careful with your laptop and your camera, but the most important thing for you is your passport. That’s why I have a neon pink case around my passport, because I’ve had multiple heart attacks thinking that it was lost.

2. You have always the same problem; You don’t bring enough clothes with you, but you’ve packed a lot of electronics. A camera, tablet/laptop, GoPro, smartphone, E-reader and all their Continue Reading