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10 summer essentials for the female traveler

Even though it’s still looking grey outside, officially it’s summer now. Yesterday the astronomical summer started on the northern hemisphere, which means shorts and sunglasses (when the weather change a bit)! When you’re going to travel in the next couple of months, there are a few essentials you need to have for this summer. I found some great fashion essentials on some international webshops and they are also really affordable! They are definitely my summer essentials for this year! So if you want to follow the trends while traveling, click on the image for more information. Continue Reading


New in: Neon Vans

There are two brands for shoes I love the most; All Stars and Vans. The shoes are so comfortable and I think they look really cool with every outfit (of course depends on the color). I wear them since age 14 and still love them. I had already slip on shoes way before they were ‘trendy’, so I think you can say I’m a diehard All Stars and Vans fan. So I wear them all the time (most in spring/summer, otherwise they are a bit cold) and also while traveling. They’re perfect for traveling, because they are so comfortable and easy to style. Continue Reading

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Travel fashion musthaves

There’s no specific dress code when you’re traveling, but when you’re traveling you only have your backpack/suitcase and that’s also your closet. So that means you don’t have space to take a lot of clothes with you. You have to make choices and it’s very personal what you want. It also depends on where you’re going and in what season. I will give you some tips about what kind of clothing (in general) are for me a must have when I’m traveling. Continue Reading