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My travel essentials for in my hand luggage

When I’m going on a small trip or a long travel, I always have my daypack with me as hand luggage. I keep my travel essentials in this bag and I can’t go on a flight without them. I’ve listen them down below for you to take a look what my essentials are and why I have them in my hand luggage.

1. Travelcase with my passport, tickets, notebook and pen
When you’re traveling you need a passport and tickets, so that’s not weird it’s an essential for me. I have a case for those and in it there’s also a small notebook and a pen. Just to write down ideas for my blog or for other thoughts I want to write down. I love it to have it all together, because I hate it when I can’t find my passport or ticket.

2. Microsoft Surface tablet
When I’m traveling, I always have my tablet with me. I love to use my laptop, but a tablet is easier to bring with me. In the plane I watch films or series on it, like Criminal Minds or the Mentalist. I’m always doing that on long distance flights, so I really can’t go on a flight without my tablet. When I’m traveling I also use it to book hostels/hotels and to update my social media.

3. Camera
I always bring my camera with me in my handlugage. I don’t use it very often in the plane, but I’m just scared it will break in the other luggage. I need to have a camera when I’m traveling, so I’m really careful with it. (Note: Not on the picture, because I had to make the picture!)

4. Toiletry bag
I don’t bring a lot of makeup with me on the plane, but I have a few essential I really need in the plane. I have always a lipbalm with me, because you can get dry skin in the plane. That’s why I also have some facecream and hand/bodycream. I only take makeup with me for longer flights, so for my last flight to Warsaw I only had a lipstick with me in my handlugage. For longer flights for makeup most the times I have concealer, some powder (with a mirror), eyebrowpencil, mascara and a lipstick. I also have some travelsickness medicines in the toiletry bag, a pack of gum and some tissues. For a long distance flight I also have my toothbrush and toothpaste with me.


5. iPod + earphones
I can’t travel without my iPod! I love to listen to music when I’m on the plane. I have three things to do while I’m on a plane; Watching series, listening to music or sleeping. I have an old iPod Touch (3th generation), but it still works, so I’m happy with it.

6. Scarf
I always bring a scarf on the plane. Sometimes it will get a bit cold and it can hurt my neck, so I have the scarf for it. But I also use it as a blanket or as a pillow.

7. My phone
On the plane I shut my phone off, but after the flight I need it. To update my social media or to use as navigation. Or of course to contact my boyfriend that I arrived, haha!

8. Chargers
I always take all my chargers in my handluggage, just to be sure I have them with me. If my other luggage got lost, I can charge my devices. So I don’t get lost, I’m able to book my hostels, I’m able to contact my boyfriend, etc. That’s really important to me, so that’s why I bring it in my handluggage.

9. My wallet
Without money it’s almost impossible to travel, so of course you need your wallet with money. I always have some euros with me, even though there’s another currency. I also have my creditcard and debitcard in my wallet, my ISIC-card (International student card for discounts) and my studentcard from my university. Sometimes you have to proof you’re a student to get discounts on tickets, so that’s why I take it always with me.

Of course it can change a bit what I take with me on a trip, but those items are really my essentials. Probably some of those items are a bit obvious, like the passport, but they are still my essentials. I need them on my trip.

What are your travel essentials?

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