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Travel gear and gadgets

Travel Travel gear and gadgets

Travel fashion musthaves

There’s no specific dress code when you’re traveling, but when you’re traveling you only have your backpack/suitcase and that’s also your closet. So that means you don’t have space to take a lot of clothes with you. You have to make choices and it’s very personal what you want. It also depends on where you’re going and in what season. I will give you some tips about what kind of clothing (in general) are for me a must have when I’m traveling. Continue Reading

Travel Travel gear and gadgets

What to buy for your first backpack adventure?

When you’re going to backpack for the first time, you don’t have everything you need for your trip. Of course you need a backpack, but that’s not the only thing you need. Think about the days you don’t want your heavy with you all day, but you need a smaller bag. These things I will list down below for you, to know what to buy for your first adventure. Continue Reading