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Healthy vegan chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes I do other things than traveling and just wandering at home. Lately I’m really into baking healthy (and vegan) treats. I want to become healthier and I think eating less animal products will helps with this. I’m trying to implement the vegan lifestyle step by step into my life, so it’s easier for me.

But that having said, vegan doesn’t equal healthy, but those cookies do. And the best part of it, they are so easy to make. In this recipe I show you how to make my favorite healthy chocolate chip cookies. If you don’t want to have chocolate chips cookies, you can make them also with other ingredients. I made those cookies also with peanut powder (PB2) and coconut flakes. Another idea is to make them with raisins or cranberries. I think it will work all the same, and they will taste amazing. So what do you need for those amazing healthy vegan chocolate chip cookies?


Ingredients for 6/7 cookies:
– 1 large ripe banana
– ± 100 g of oats
– 25 g of dark chocolate or chocolate chips
– 10-20 g agave syrup or another liquid sweetener (optional)

Chocolate chip cookies vegan healhy 1

What to do?

Pre-heat the oven on 180ᵒC

Because there are only a few ingredients, there are also only a few steps to make those cookies. I start with the banana and mash it until it’s a liquid consistency. Mix this with the oats, the chopped up chocolate and the liquid sweetener. For the best cookies, the consistency has to be a bit sticky. When the consistency is too wet, add some extra oats, but don’t make them too dry. Otherwise the cookies will also taste a bit dry and that’s not what you want. You want chewy, delicious cookies.

chocolate chip cookies vegan healthy 2

Make from the cookie dough six or seven small cookies and put them on a baking sheet. Let them bake on 180ᵒC for 15 minutes. Before eating, let cool down for a bit, because otherwise you’ll burn yourself on the chocolate. It’s possible to keep them fresh in the freezer, but I think they taste the best when you eat them within two days.


Let me know if you’re going to try those cookies. It’s so easy to make, so there’s no excuse to not make those delicious and healthy treats!

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