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Back from Ireland!

Okay. First things first; I didn’t expect that Ireland would be so beautiful and that I would like it so much! I needed to say that, because I think Ireland is way underrated.

So as you can tell I had two amazing weeks in Ireland. The first week was my exchange week, with students from Dublin. We did quite a lot that week. We saw a lot of Dublin, went to the Wicklow Mountains and went to Belfast. The second week I did a three-day tour to the west and the south of Ireland and that was the most amazing part from my trip. Because I already stayed for a long week in a city, I wanted a tour with a lot of nature. This tour had a lot of nature and wow, Ireland has amazing nature! Just the nature itself was already great to see, the mountains and the beautiful landscapes, but the best for me were the cliffs of Moher. It felt like I was in nature heaven, because it was unbelievable beautiful and I didn’t saw something like this before in real life.

I can talk for hours about the nature of Ireland, but with this article I just wanted to let you know I’m back. I also wanted to say that I want to start blogging more regularly, but I have to finish my thesis and I have my English exams in just one month. So it completely depends on that.

I’m also a bit doubting about what to blog. I love traveling and I love to write about it, but I love so much more. I also want to write about those things, but because this is a travelblog it doesn’t feel right to write about that on this blog. What do you think? Do I have to start another blog or is it ok to write on this blog about those other interests.


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