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7 things I’m planning to do in Ireland

At the end of this month I’ll go to Ireland for two weeks. The first week is for my study, which is an exchange with the university of Dublin. I’m studying at the university of Nijmegen following the geography teacher programme. The students from Dublin are also students from a geography programme, but not specific the teacher programme. At the moment my classmates and I are making two excursions for the Docklands of Dublin and for the Wicklow Mountains. The students from Dublin are also making two excursions and our teacher are also making some. So in the first week I’ll see a lot of Ireland, but there’s so much more. That’s why I stay a week longer, to see more of this beautiful country. We stay for the most of the time in a city, but Ireland has beautiful nature and I want to see that. Number 2 till 6 from this list are actually places that I’m going to visit with a tour.

1. Dublin
For the most of time of this trip, I’ll stay in Dublin. This is where the exchange take place, so with the locals by our side I think we’ll see a lot of Dublin. I know we’re going the famous Temple Bar, drinking a pint Guinness. I probably won’t like it, but hey I’m in Ireland so I have to try it. My teacher also suggested me to go to Trinity College Dublin, because it should be a really nice place.


2. Connemara
When you search for ‘Ireland nature’, you’ll find Connemara. Connemara is a National Park which has a peat landscape. Something you also find in the Netherlands, but not on this large scale. The difference is that you can find unspoilt nature in this park, which is hard to find in the Netherlands. We have a lot of ‘nature’ in the Netherlands, but this nature is almost always made by humans.

3. Galway
Galway is another city in Ireland in the same county as Connemara. They say Galway is a really dynamic city and has great sights and for the evening lovely pubs. So I really want to experience this dynamic city.

4. Cliffs of Moher
Connemara is great National Park I think to see real nature, but when you speak about amazing places I think they would say Cliffs of Moher. OMG, really, look at pictures from this place. It’s so beautiful, something I never seen before. There’s no doubt about it that I need to go there.


5. Kerry
Kerry is also a county which has beautiful nature. I booked a tour because I wanted to see a lot of nature. When I think about Ireland I think two things; Dublin and nature. So it was really obvious when I found this tour that I need to do this one. Here in Kerry I’m going to cross the Cork and Kerry mountains and enjoy an evening in the tidiest town from Ireland.

6. Trip to North-Ireland; Belfast
One day we’re going to Belfast, the capital city of North-Ireland. So actually in this trip I’m going to visit two countries, even though it’s only for one day. This day we have an excursion made by our teachers and we have some free time to walk around. Do you have some recommendations to go in Belfast in just a few hours?

7. Wicklow Mountains
This is one of the places we made an excursion for. Actually I made the excursion for the Dublin Docklands and my classmate for the Wicklow, so for me this is also a new place. Of course I did some researched with my classmate what kind of landscape it is and how it evolved, but my classmate did the work for this excursion so I’m really curious what I’ll learn that day. I know it looks amazing over there, but every time my teachers went there it was awful weather. So I’m prepared for that.


Of course there is much more to see in Ireland, but without renting a car it can be a bit hard to see all the nice places. I found a tour that covers a lot of those places, but not all, but that’s ok. It’s not possible to see everything from Ireland in two weeks and I think I cover already a lot of Ireland. I also have some free time in Dublin, without my classmates. So if you have some recommendations for Dublin, they are always welcome!

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