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5 things to do in Kraków

After three days of Warsaw, it was time for Kraków. I went by train to Kraków and it takes approximately three hours to get there. I think the train is a great option to see more of a country and in Poland it’s a great way to travel. I think Warsaw is an amazing city, so I was really curious what Kraków would do to me. But it was as amazing as Warsaw, maybe even better. I fell in love with the city and already recommend this city to a lot of people! So if you want to know what to do in Kraków, you can read my post!

– Visiting Stare Miasto
Just as Warsaw has Kraków a Stare Miasto, what means Old Town. The Stare Miasto in Warsaw was in the early days the centre of the city, but nowadays it’s another (modern) part of the city. In Kraków the Stare Miasto is still the centre of the city, what makes this city totally different when you compares it to Warsaw. In the Stare Miasto are amazing building from the Middle Ages, but also from other ages. The mixture of the old and the bubbly day and nightlife from nowadays, makes the Stare Miasto in my eyes very special. It’s a great place to spend hours, just by sitting on a terras or for shopping. I describe this part of the city as a city from a Disney movie, because it’s so unique. Tip: there are free walking tours each day in Stare Miasto, so if you want to know more about the buildings this is a great chance.


– See at least three churches
Wrocław is the city of bridges (127!), Kraków is the city of churches. So when you’re in Kraków visit at least three churches to see the difference between them. I think it’s always great to visit churches when you’re a different country, because religion says so much about the history of a city/county.

– Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau
Approximately one hour drive from Kraków there’s the most known concentration camp from the Second World War; Auschwitz. When Auschwitz became to small for Nazi’s, they had built Birkenau. A camp 3 km from Auschwitz. Nowadays those camps are a part of a museum. Auschwitz has been preserved the end of the war, but from Birkenau is nothing left. This is because when they knew they were going to lose the war, they burned it all down. It’s not the most fun thing to do on a vacation, but I think it’s really important to remember the past. If we do not remember the past, we will be condemned to repeat it.


– Visit Wieliczka-Salt Mine
Sadly for me there was no time to visit this salt mine, but I heard great things about it. So I’m going to recommend this to you. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of Europe’s oldest functioning underground facilities. It started in the early Middle Ages, but they stopped the production in 1992. It’s now on the UNESCO-list for World Heritage. The mine attracts thousants of tourist each year. Fun fact: There’s a spa in this salt mine at 135 meters depth.

– Visit the castle on the Wawel hill
On the Wawel hill in Kraków there is the Royal castle named ‘Zamek Królewski’. It’s a bit outside the city centre, but with a 20 minutes walk you’re there. The castle was the official residence of the Polish monarchs till early 17th century. On the hill there is also a cathedral what is a part from the Royal castle. Because you’re on top of the hill, you have also a great view from the city.


After three days in this beautiful city it’s was time to go back to Warsaw again. Sadly I was too late for booking my train ticket and I had to stand for the trip back. But I survived and it was worth it! I never thought Poland would be so great for traveling, but it was! I definitely can recommend this to you!

Is Poland already on your travel wishlist?

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