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On my bucket list: 5 European cities

Since I was a kid, I always went on a holiday to different countries in Europe. Most of the times we went to France, Germany or Denmark. My parents loved vacations for the nature, so most of the times we went to a campsite. I really love the relaxing feeling of nature, but I also love vibrant cities. Now I’m older I want to catch up on those citytrips, because I only saw Paris with my parents. I already started by visiting Berlin, but there are much more cities on my bucket list I want to visit!


1. London
London is one of the most famous cities in the world and even though I live (kind of) close by, I’ve never been there. That’s why it’s really high on my bucket list. Last year it was my first time to the United Kingdom and to visit Scotland, but I’ve never been to England. I really liked Scotland, so I think I also would like England. London is maybe the most famous city of Europe, so I think I really need to go there soon.

2. Stockholm
They call it ‘the Venice of the North’, so I think it should be very attracting. I’ve never been to Sweden, but it’s high on my bucket list. Stockholm is built on more than 10 islands, what makes the city very special. This city has also a lot of history and there are many castles and palaces in the area of Stockholm. It’s also known as a city with a lot of museums and other cultural attractions, but combined with a good (shopping) centre with a lot of cafés and restaurants. Sounds like the perfect city to me!


3. Warsaw
When I saw some pictures of the city centre of Warsaw, I fell in love. It looks so colorful and so beautiful to me. After the World War II, they restored the whole city centre of Warsaw. In 2013 if been to Russia and I saw somethings from the Communist period, so I’m really curious what you can see of this time in Warsaw. They also do a ‘Communist-tour’, so when I’m going to visit Warsaw I really want to do this tour. One thing compared to the other cities, Warsaw is quite cheap. I was looking for a hostel and the cheapest was only €35,- for 5 nights! So this is definitely a trip I need to make soon!

4. Dublin
Yes, this city I’m definitely going to visit this year. With my study I’ll go to Dublin and Belfast to do some fieldwork and have an exchange with some Irish students. I’m really looking forward to it, because I love those trips. I never felt attracted to Ireland, but since we had some lessons about Ireland and saw how beautiful this country is. I definitely changed my mind. We have had already the Dutch part of the exchange and we had so much fun with the Irish students! Dublin looks a really nice city to me, but when the people are great too it will be a way better experience.


5. Rome
Last but not least, Rome! I’ve been to Italy (Palermo) once and I really liked it. Rome is known as the ‘open air museum’. There are a lot of beautiful buildings and there’s so much history is this city. I’m very interested in the history and that’s why I want to visit this city. The fact that the weather is nice too in the summer is also very attracting.

Have you been already to those European cities?

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