10 things only travelers will understand

1. You’re always careful with your laptop and your camera, but the most important thing for you is your passport. That’s why I have a neon pink case around my passport, because I’ve had multiple heart attacks thinking that it was lost.

2. You have always the same problem; You don’t bring enough clothes with you, but you’ve packed a lot of electronics. A camera, tablet/laptop, GoPro, smartphone, E-reader and all their

chargers. They take up a lot of space in your backpack, but you can’t travel without them.

3. Your friends and family aren’t as interested in traveling as you. So when you find somebody who likes traveling the world as much as you, you’re extremely happy.

4. Traveling allows you to learn more about your inner-self. When you’re a solo-traveler, everything depends on yourself.

5. You rather have a small backpack than a large suitcase while you’re traveling. For you it isn’t a problem to wear an outfit multiple times. You hate it when you have too much stuff to carry around and have no hands to take a picture. You’re amazed when you see that some people even have their own hair dryer in their bag (or high heels..)!

6. You have always more than three different currencies in your wallet (and even more in your backpack).

7. Criminal Minds, New Girl, Breaking Bad.. You have a dozen of tv-series on your laptop, so you won’t get bored while traveling by plane.

8. You hate it to be surrounded by lots of tourists, so you’re traveling to non-touristy cities to avoid them. You also know in the end it often turned out to be the most rewarding places.

9. You hate it when people say that going on a holiday the same is as traveling. There’s a BIG difference between them.

10. You laugh when people say that you have to be careful when you to travel a “dangerous” country. When people never been to that specific country and they only see once on the news something happened there. It’s immediately a dangerous country in their opinion.

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