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As you all know, I love traveling. I’m quite often on the internet looking for great deals for hotels, airlines or other things that have to do with travel. I have saved up quite a few useful sites. These sites below are especially useful for travelers without much experiences (and money). But also for travelers with lots of experiences, these sites can be useful.
It’s really easy to book a hotel on the internet, but hotels can be really expensive. When you don’t want to sleep in a hostel, but you don’t want to pay as much for a hotel, you can use this site. Wimdu is a site with a lot of accommodations in a lot of countries. At this site you can find a accomodation for example at someone’s home. You have your own room, just like in a hotel. You can save a lot of money when you sleep at someone’s place and it’s also a really nice way to get in touch with the local people.

Killroy Travel
This site is an amazing site especially for young people. This site is focused on everything what have to do with traveling and studying around the world. You can find a lot of tips on this site (in general, but also for specific countries) and you can book (multiple-stop) planetickets, tours, hotels, cars, etc. I booked two times my ticket on Killroy Travel and these where the cheapest on the internet and I really have no complaints about them.

Interrail is a railway company that’s placed across Europe. At Interrail you can buy a pass that allows you to travel through Europe. So you can buy for example a pass for 10 days traveling by train in 22 days. So you can travel 10 times to another country with the pass and your hole trip is 22 days. On this site you can also find passes to travel through a country, instead of hole Europe. I think it’s a really nice way to discover Europe by train. You see so much more when you travel over land. When you are under 25, you will get discount on the passes. When you don’t live in Europe you have to buy your pas at Eurail. These are a bit more expensive than Interrail.
The last one is a Dutch site, so maybe not useful for everyone, but for the Dutchies it’s a really nice site. At this site you can book hotels, campings and also planetickets. I’ve used this site two times to book a hotel in Berlin and Paris. This site has often great discounts on hotels. I was with my boyfriend for six nights in Berlin and included our planeticket we paid around €250,- per person. We also had breakfast included! I recommend to book your planeticket on an other website, because the planetickets are more expensive on this site. I think that’s the way they make profit on the cheap hotels. I’ve used this site only for citytrips, so I don’t know anything about the campings from this site. But for citytrips it’s a really nice site to look for a deal.

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